how to help (if you're in serbia)

how to help (if you're outside)



People ( everyone from extreme left to extreme right) have gathered in front of the parliament building to protest against the president's dictatorship (you can find a lot about that on social media).
The police have pepper sprayed, tear gassed (20+ canisters), beat the crowd with sticks, mainly those who were closest to the building.
There is no media coverage except for n1 (which is owned by CNN) because the president owns all television and print media.
there are only a few journalists on the scene that have been pepper sprayed and are struggling to inform the people about the events, so are the cameramen.
things are escalating quickly and police are becoming more and more violent!
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Stop Aleksandar Vučić and his dictatorship in Serbia

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if you're in serbia and are going to the protests in belgrade wear a mask. we're still in the middle of a pandemic and you not wearing a mask might result in you getting sick or getting others sick, and it might be used against you.
if you're unable to attend the protests, talk to your family and friends and inform everyone who is not aware of what's going on.
boycott the tv channels owned by the government (rts, pink, happy..) as well as the newsletters (kurir etc).
stay updated. the news are hardly reporting anything from the protest, and are mostly spreading misinformation. if you're not updated on what's going on you're more likely to be gaslighted into believing what the government wants you to believe.

if you're outside of serbia, spread the word. a simple retweet or instagram story post might inform all of your peers and motivate them to do the same. do not let our voices go unheard. the more people outside that speak on this, the more likely the government is to crack under pressure.
sign petitions, if anything it'll help get the media's attention.

here you can find other petitions on everything else that's happening in the country:

The Serbian government is already known for not properly taking care of its historical findings because of the lack of money in the budget for it. This time, though, the money isn't the problem. This time they want to take down one of the most important natural habibats, Kosutnjak. They have a plan to make a big complex for "Avala film". They want to urbanize around thirty hectares of the woods even though we already have so little of them left. The polution in Belgrade is already almost critical but without Kosutnjak that would sky rocket.

Bosniak prisoners were beaten, tortured, and murdered while hundreds of women were raped and sexually assaulted in the very rooms of this horror hotel.

Not only is Vilina Vlas being promoted as a rehabilitation spa resort in BiH by the tourism agency of the Bosnian entity of the Republika Srpska, it is also being promoted on Google. A quick Google search will yield great reviews and first-hand accounts of those saying it’s a “very nice and peaceful place in nature”.